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I’ve requested access to the PRO system via the online registration process. What happens next?

Shortly after submitting your request, you should receive an email with instructions on your next steps. If you can’t find the email, be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders. Please read the email carefully and complete the attached registration agreements fully. Failure to follow the instructions contained in the email and agreement could delay access to the PRO system.

If you haven’t received an email within one business day of submitting your request, contact our office at (863)534-4000.

How do I add an additional gatekeeper to assist in managing my users?

Please download and complete the Agency Supplemental Request form below. Once completed, the form should be sent to This request must be signed by the same person who signed the initial agreement (attorney, agency head, etc.). Once the additional gatekeeper has been added, s/he will receive an email with instructions to activate the login.

Agency Supplemental Request Form
Is it necessary to register to see case information online? I’m uncertain whether I need to register.

No, registration is not necessary. However, registered users may see additional information that a public user will not see, such as date of birth. Registration is voluntary based on your needs.

How do I reset my password or recover my username?

Click on 'My Account' in the menu bar. Then select the appropriate action based on your circumstances.

What are the Technical Requirements for this application?

Minimum system requirements: A personal computer, tablet or smart phone with a current Operating System and modern browser such as the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer. Attention Firefox users. Please use a different browser for registration. A future system release will fully support Firefox.

To maximize the privacy of your information and provide a consistent visual presentation, a relatively current and capable web browser is required. For example, the browser must support JavaScript™, cookies, and SSL.

In addition you will need Adobe® Reader 11.0 and above for viewing documents.

Why do I have access to certain cases and documents but not others?

The Florida Supreme Court has determined the appropriate level of access for each category of user. These access levels are in accordance with legal statutes or rules of procedure that protect confidential information. The Clerk is required to comply with these access levels and uses certain security protocols to protect confidential information and documents.

I am a party on a case. How do I get access to additional information that can’t be seen by the general public?

Click on 'Register' from the Home screen and register as a Party to a Case. You will be required to complete an agreement, identify your specific case numbers, and bring in the notarized paperwork with valid picture ID.

I’m an attorney. Why can’t my staff have attorney-level access to cases?

The Florida Supreme Court has determined the appropriate level of access for each category of user. For more information see Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 16-14.

I am a victim of a crime. How do I get access to that case?

It’s important to note that victims are not considered parties on a case, and must therefore register as a Registered User. Click on 'Register' from the Home screen and select Registered User. You will be required to complete an agreement and return the notarized paperwork to the clerk’s office.

How do I view images in PRO?

Once you access the details link for a case, the Dockets tab shows all activity on the case. The ‘Pages’ column in the docket area will indicate documents are available by showing the number of pages along with the ‘View’ column having an icon as to their accessibility (see legend on case detail screen). You must click on the icon to view the document (green circle) or request the document to go through VOR (orange triangle). Once a document has been requested to go through VOR, the icon will change to a blue triangle. Keep checking back by clicking on the blue triangle to see if the document is available.

If the page number listed is 0, the docket entry does not have an image associated to it or there are no images available due to the age of the case.

Image security is based on the Access Security Matrix defined in Florida Supreme Court Orders 14-19, 15-18 and 16-14. On some case types, all images are required to go through VOR, even for attorney of record and government agencies. For more information, please visit

Can I view non-redacted documents online?

No. Unless stated otherwise under the Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order, we are required to protect confidential information, such as account information and social security numbers, and therefore only redacted documents are available online to the public.

Why are certain documents not immediately available to view online?

Please be advised that it could take up to three business days to process and make documents available in the PRO system.

However, based on security permissions, some documents may only be viewed after they have gone through an additional review by clerk personnel. These requests are processed manually in the order in which they are received.

Please allow up to two additional business days for processing.

How do I remove a document or confidential information on my case from being publicly available?

If you feel a document or information within a document is being displayed in error, please call the Call Center at (863) 534-4000. If you feel a document should be made confidential due to the information it contains, please file the appropriate document seeking that relief from the court, or obtain legal advice.

The Clerk’s Office places the highest priority on the security of confidential information. If you find that confidential information has not been redacted pursuant to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420, please contact us immediately through our Call Center at (863) 534-4000.

How do I obtain a certified copy of a document?

Contact the Records department at (863) 534-4401. You may be required to submit your request in writing with the applicable fees.

How far back can I search for case information?

Case data availability is based on court type. Some case information is available from the mid-1960’s to present. Images associated with these cases may not be available if the case has met retention guidelines.

I have questions regarding my case. Where can I get more information?

If you need legal advice regarding your case, contact your attorney. If you have questions regarding case information and you are not able to find that information on Polk Records Online, you will need to contact our offices directly at (863) 534-4000.

Why can’t I find my case or a document on my case?

First, try modifying your search criteria to refine or broaden your search results. For instance, if you typed in a full name previously, try searching for the same record with only a last name and partial first name. Alternatively, you may need to select more court types to broaden the search results.

Please be advised that it could take up to three business days to process and make documents available in the PRO system.

Access to electronic court records is determined by the user’s role and applicable statutes, rules, and administrative policies. Therefore, there may be instances where the clerk cannot provide access to certain court records, such as juvenile cases. If you could see a case before and you cannot see it now, an event must have taken place that made it confidential. If you feel there is a case in the Tenth Judicial Circuit of Polk County that you cannot locate after refining or broadening your search, please contact our Call Center at (863) 534-4000.

Why does a case show a status of ‘closed’ if there is still money owed or someone is on probation?

The case status in PRO reflects the official final disposition of the case as reported to the State via SRS (Summary Reporting System). Please review the additional tabs on the case for more information regarding financials, etc.

What Administrative Orders and Rules is Public Records Online operating under?

Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 16-14, which defines the specific rules and statutes required to comply. For more information on public access to court records, review Florida Statutes 119.0714 and Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420.

What should I do if I have technical problems while accessing Polk Records Online?

Please verify that the minimum system requirements have been met. Internet Explorer ‘Edge’ browser users may experience the reader toolbar missing when viewing PDF documents. You may right-click on the document and save it. Additional solutions are to use a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer 11.

If additional troubleshooting is needed, please contact the Call Center at (863) 534-4000.

Glossary of Terms

Confidential Case - Certain cases are made confidential by statute or court order, so they are only viewable by certain users. Some cases are confidential until certain events occur, due to safety concerns for involved parties.

Redaction - The process by which confidential information is removed from a document using a black bar to hide the information.

Restricted Document - Not viewable as defined by Florida Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

Not available for viewing

Sealed Case - A case that is sealed by court order.

Viewable Document - Document is available for viewing.

Available for viewing

Viewable on Request (VOR Required) Document - Document requires manual review to protect sensitive information.

Available for viewing after manual review

VOR Viewable Document - Document has been requested for manual review. It is either pending review, or has been reviewed and is now viewable. The user should click the icon to determine if the document is currently viewable.

Manual review pending or completed
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